Alun Graves the Senior Curator (Pottery and Glass) of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, giving his opening talk

This well attended opening also featured contributions from potters who worked with Ray Finch at his Winchcombe workshop in the 1970s -Toff Milway of Conderton Pottery – and Ed Turfrey in the 1990s (see image below). These helped to recreate the ethos and practices of those days and provided a greater appreciation of the technical knowledge and expertise behind the lovely pots on display.

The Curator of the exhibition, John Edgeler (Lead Trustee WACT) also took the opportunity to speak about the historic links in between West Country slipwares, the early work of Michael Cardew, and the post war output of Richard Batterham and others.

John Edgeler speaking of the combed decoration used on old country and 1930s Winchcombe pots