Another overseas artist designer to feature in our Summer exhibition, Tibor Reich was a Hungarian jewish refugee who came to England to escape Nazi persecution. Reich worked initially in Haute Couture although wartime rationing led him to transfer his skills to interior textiles that were not so restricted.

Settling ultimately in the outskirts of Stratford on Avon just after WW2, Reich subsequently attracted high profile commissions to design for the Festival of Britain (1951), Coventry Cathedral (1960) and subsequently the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford (1964). He was one of a group of designers that helped transform the interior aesthetics in British homes, featuring a new and radiant use of colour.

His textiles are particularly distinctive, featuring ‘deep texture’ materials and a rich, almost impasto technique of colour printing, which reflected the method of weaving of the materials employed . He also designed for industry, notably his Tigo-ware developed in tandem with Bournes of Denby.