The work of post WW2 Devon based textile designer Susan Bosence also features in our 2020 displays. I became aware of Bosence through working with the family of Robin and Heather Tanner, as Heather used her fabrics both for curtaining at their family home, Old Chapel Field, and in Heather’s own clothes (Jagged Stripe below).

The Tanner connection is partly through the Painswick based 1930s textile designers Barron and Larcher. B&L were notable for their use of hand carved woodblocks for printing on materials, with at times quite elaborate designs employing many natural dye stuffs.

Bosence knew Phyllis Baron personally immediately after WW2, and was influenced by her in her continued use of similar organic colours. However her designs were somewhat simpler in style, with plain repeat motifs and a restrained range of colours. Bosence taught at Dartington, Fanham and Camberwell in the 1970s, producing an important technical title, Hand Block Printing and Resist Dyeing in 1985.