The artist John Piper whose Stones of Bath textile will be displayed in our 2020 show was interesting for his transition from the creator of individual works to art and design intended for reproduction, working in tandem with industry. His prints, often featuring architectural detail, are perhaps better known than his work for large textile firms such as Arthur Sanderson (above) and David Whitehead (below).


Work for Sandersons often featured in a series of different colourways, a reflection of their use in a variety of interiors. Some additionally had an almost architectural detail in their design, notably Arundel (below) which has a distinctive look akin to stained glass windows.


Piper’s fabric designs, whilst only a form of reproduction, have become collectable in their own right. This a reflection of the production values of the companies with whom he worked, although the condition and size of the material and the rarity of a particular design are inevitably considerations.