This quite charming sculptural work of the period by William Newland is typical of the work of William and his circle of creative friends which included Margaret Hine (see immediately below), later his wife. A group of these ceramics of the 50s and 60s to be very kindly lent by the family, will feature in our 2020 exhibition.


Newland’s circle rose to strong artistic prominence in the colourful and modernistic coffee bar society of the time, eclipsing the predominantly brown pots and ‘Sung Standard’ of the Leachian tradition. Leach somewhat vituperatively nicknamed the group ‘the Picassoettes’ in a reference to the colourful works produced by Pablo at Vallauris. So fashionable were the Newland coterie that they were chosen in preference to those of the Asian born Bernard in a major British design promotional show of the time that travelled to the USA.

William is also interesting for his espousal of classical and Mediterranean themes in his output, again evocative of the New Look in design of the period. A typical example is shown below.