An enthralled audience of fans of Henry Sandon were treated to a delightful recreation of an inter-war childhood given by Henry.  Whilst most people would tend to associate Henry with the countryside in general and Worcester in particular, he is actually a London born cockney who grew up in Soho.

Those who know him will be aware of his natural and unaffected ‘patter’ a born entertainer. This snapshot of his early years filled in quite a few gaps, as Henry was revealed as very much a child of the cinema and of vaudeville.

Using photos raided from his own family album, Henry recreated a lost age of innocence, of street gangs of neighbourhood children and happy japes often including performing dogs owned from time to time by his father – somewhat of a cinematic entrepreneur. The stories went down very well – as evidenced by the photo below of an appreciative audience.

henry sandon audience.jpg