After a Devon clotted cream tea back at the Winchcombe Archive Collection in Queen Anne House, assembled pot lovers were treated to a most unusual group of pots brought along to share with Henry and to get his opinion.  Perhaps the most unusual was a huge Michael Cardew cider jar dating from around 1930.

The lucky owners inherited this from a relation who acquired it free and gratis from Michael via a discard pile in the orchard behind the pottery.  Whilst passionate about form and interested in aesthetics, Cardew primarily wanted to produce pots that ‘did their job’.

Sadly, this particular cider jar suffered in the firing, and a hole in the base meant that it ‘didn’t hold water’ – let alone cider !  This reveals it as a very early example of the form, as inevitably, throwing such a large piece for the first time entails more than an element of trial and error.  We hope to display it in a recreation of a 1930’s interior as part of a planned show for May/June 2018 celebrating the etcher and educationalist Robin Tanner.

henry roadshow 2.jpg