We are delighted that Henry Sandon MBE will be joining us again on Saturday 27th May. Reflecting the 1920s and 1930s underlying themes of the show he will be providing an autobiographical audience on his early life growing up in London in between the wars.

Whilst perhaps best known to the general public as an antiques expert from his many appearances on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow Henry has a personal musical background having been a chorister for many years at Worcester Cathedral. In reflection of this, we are providing the audience with a musical introduction to his talk. This will primarily feature orchestrations of English folk song by Percy Grainger complemented by a piece or two for solo cello.

The source of this material is the folklorist and song researcher Gwilym and his wife Carol Davies (pictured below in musical discussion). Gwilym is something of a latter day Cecil Sharp having undertaken a lot of work in making available to the current generation, material collected by Percy Grainger at Winchcombe Workhouse in 1907-1908.

The traditional element of our 27th May concert at Winchcombe Methodist Church will feature the following folk songs with musical accompaniment: Green Bushes, High Germany and Bold Bonny Boy. There will also be an instrumental performance of Shepherd’s Hey and English Country Garden, both much loved Grainger pieces.  Unreserved tickets are now available priced £10 ( please email johnedgeler@gmail.com or telephone 01242 602 319 ).

Gwilym and Carol.jpg